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Jingle Jungle

JINGLE JUNGLE is an ineractive 3d enviroment in which the user can navigate in an unrealistic room consisting of trees and different objects and control music in that environment. While the user searches primitive objects through this jungle-like place, one can also change the effects on music. This interactive program lets the user to relate objects and music.

The enviroment is designed on primitive objects. There are 7 different objects that we can play with to change music. Among these the enviroment is full of unrealistic trees and objects. These primitive objects are hidden between these trees to let the user search for them.
Every object has diffferent effect values on music; like flanger, cut, metal. Every time the user gets near to these objects music changes in that respect. The user starts from the beginning of the tunel and he has a long way through it. Everything is seen from the first point of view and eye degree. The navigation is made with mouse controls.