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‘Metamorphosis’ is a real time interactive virtual environment which aspires to awaken phobic feelings, claustrophobia and entomophobia. Our starting point was the concept ‘the other’ and being an other in a totally new reality have been tried to be expressed through the representations of insect-human hybrids.

The environment is consituted of structural elements and the color paths connecting the interaction points which are two birth spheres and a flower, helping the user to comprehend the space as a whole and acting as reference points for proprioception. Thus there is no ground or sky that the user can position himself/herself accordingly, it is only a spherical space where he/she can freely move in; thus the architecture of it, is very essential.

In ‘Metamorphosis’ the user finds himself/herself in an imaginary surreal space, seemingly morbid at first sight which can be activated by the user in various ways. If the
user chooses to go into the spheres, that will generate two different types of hybrids, each sphere giving birth to one type while interaction with the flower intiate the transformation of the environment itself, both in color and size. The sphere with different textures on them and the flower are more distinguishable
compared to the rest of the environment, Consequently it is expected the user to be compelled to move towards those parts. The starting point of the user interface is placed not inside the environment but outside, to help the user to get an overview for the environment and the general feel for it. Thus, assists the user while he/she is moving around the VE. The rhythmic sound in the background and sounds attached to the main elements, birth spheres and flower
presuppose change, becoming alive before the hybrids appear. When the hybrids are generated by interactions of the user, their sounds are also added.
If the user prefers to go near the flower, it will cause the environment to shrink through the center. He/she can repeat this flower interaction for three times, the environment reaches its smallest size in three stages, getting smaller in each stage. After each transformation, the main elements become more bright as the rest gets darker causing them to get more contrasted and visually more attractive in the gray background. In the last stage where the environment gets its smallest size, the user’s movements are also limited by an invisible sphere and he/she feels entrapped in space in which hybrids are moving around. The user still has the chance to activate the birth of hybrids in each stage. Two kinds of hybrids can be generated by the user, which are called “Fly” and “Mechanical”. The user first interacts with the sphere that gives birth to four “Fly”‘s, generating from various parts of the environment following different paths and rotations. But one of them appearing in the sphere and their sounds helps the user to comprehend the results of her interactions. “Fly” is constituted of a Fly’s body and human legs. If the user goes in to the sphere for the second time that will cause another four to appear in the environment. The other hybrid is called “Mechanical” generated by the user interaction like flies, but differently from the other sphere. The paths that they follow are either in up and down direction in free space reminding one of spiders or tracking the surfaces of the structural elements of the environment. Mechanical is a combination of a spider body which looks very mechanical, and human intestines placed on its back. Each creature follows a separate path thus aiming to activate the whole environmental space. At the last stage the user will encounter another character of the environment appearing in the center of the environment, “Beyaz” which is larger in size and totally white . It looks more like a human compared to the other hybrids and the sound of human breathing which is attached to it, can cause the user to identify with it. So the user will realise that during his/her involvement in the alteration of the environment, he himself also changed.
Thus every new environment brings out new conformist transmissions and transformations, that interactions work in both directions.