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The aim of this project is to combine the data’s of the human motion with the 3d objects on the computer environment and create random compositions by using those people’s body movements. The movement of the objects are going to be obtained form the sensors which are put on the joints of a person. When the body moves, the objects on the screen will also start to move randomly.

The reason of not having a one single object and not making the changes on that object is because technically extruding and manipulating a 3d object is very difficult. Therefore the object on the screen will be composed of sets of particles. These particles will be in different sizes and shapes. So even the dance is the same, the audience will be able to see a different composition every time he/she watches. The aim in here is to move a complement which is consist of small particles, and change the structure of the whole, like a new shape is being formed. Every sensor on the body will be assigned to a set of particles. When these sensors change positions, for instance when that person bends his/her arm, the assigned set of particles will respond to that and start to move accordingly in random directions. In order to represent these movements within a certain harmony, we decided to use a dancer who will be dancing according to a certain choreography.