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siggraph 07

The intent is to investigate the possible connections of the textual and the visual, to use these connections to generate visuals which are user – specific and even personal. The idea has stemmed from synesthesia, a neurological phenomenon in which stimulation of one of the five senses invokes perception by the way of a different sense, for example, the taste of chocolate causing the perception of  prickles on the skin. The most common kind of synesthesia is grapheme – color synesthesia, in which letters and numbers are perceived as colors.

Metaphors common to most languages, such as “sharp taste” or “soft colors” indicate that all humans tend to make connections. Technology allows interactive environments in which the visual, the auditory, the tactile and the textual can exist together; allowing human perception to evolve by making use of different kinds of stimuli simultaneously. Our project uses versatility and interactivity by first making the user determine the connections and coherence between the stimuli according to his/her perception and then combine the stimuli to create the environment; rather than adding up different kinds of stimuli which are independent of each other.

The visuals generated by  using Synaesthetics are in coherence with each user’s separate connections between the textual and the visual, therefore they are personalised. Unlike other random shape generation softwares here the shapes reflect the unique perception of each  user and cause a self-realisation.