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i-destruct is an iphone application and a community site. The application is a button that the user pushes whenever he wants to destroy himself, current situations, places or foundations. Users have profiles on the community site on which they can meet others who have similar destruction behaviors.

The project started with the idea of the big red button which is an actual button that either shuts down a device or detonates it. This concept is oftenly used in science-fiction movies in which the villain has a big computer-like machine and he pushes its red button in order to destroy the world. This way of destroying something is a rather simple and remote approach to the concept of destruction. You destroy by pushing one button and you do not experience the consequences of your destruction. This calm representation or presentation of something that is actually violent was idea that is behind this project.
The big red button sometimes also serves as a self-destruction button. This led the concept to the process of autothysis where an organism destroys itself. Combining the two ideas a button is placed on the organism, in this case the human. This button on his telephone, which he always carries around, so the button will be on him of all times, gives him the freedom of easily destrying himself without facing the consequences. Because human is a social being, the project expanded to various grouds to provide the user a range of destruction options.
There are three options of destruction in this project: the first is self- destruction. The possible cases in which this type could be used are boredom, self-hatred, failure, depression. The second option is status quo destruction. This option refers to changes in relation status, current political situations or social events. The third one is base destruction. With this option the user can destroy places, establishments or institutions.
The application also has a website on which the user can see when and where he has destroyed something and how his destructive behavior changed. The application also has the option to upload a photo attached to your destruction and make a statement with it. The photo is a visual element that could describe the situation which the user is in and the statements give an idea to the users a way to understand each other’s mood at a period of time other than just the type of the destruction, location and time.